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"But For The Grace Of God"

Written by Charlotte Caffey, Jane Wiedlin and keith urban

Performed by keith urban

I can hear the neighbors
They're arguin' again
And there hasn't been peace on our street
Since who knows when
I don't mean to listen in
But the shoutin' is so loud
I turn up the radio to drown it out
And silently I say a little prayer


But for the grace of God go I

I must've been born a lucky guy

Heaven only knows how I've been blessed

With the gift of your love

And I look around and all I see

Is your happiness embracing me

Oh Lord I'd be lost, but for the grace of God

I can see that old man
He's walking past our door
And I've been told that he's rich
But he seems so poor
'Cause no one comes to call on him
And his phone it never rings
He wanders through his empty home
Surrounded by his things
And silently I say a little prayer, yes I do

Repeat Chorus

I look around and all I see
Is your happiness embracing me
Oh Lord I'd be lost, but for the grace of God
Oh Lord, I'd be lost
Oh Lord I'd be lost, but for the grace of God
Oh Lord I'd be lost, but for the grace of God

©1999 But For The Grace Of God written by keith urban, Charlotte Caffey and Jane Wiedlin. Coburn Music, Inc. (BMI). Administered by Ten Ten Music Group, 33 Music Square West, Suite 110, Nashville, TN 37203 ©1999 by BMG Songs, Inc, Stridgirl Music, Weedwackers Music, Coburn Music and Ten Ten Music. All rights for Stridgirl Music Administered by BMG Songs, Inc. International Copyright Secured. All Rights Reserved.

This chart-topping smash was created by an unlikely mix of talents: Australian native keith urban teamed up with Jane Wiedlin and Charlotte Caffey from the all-female '80s pop band The Go-Go's. The offbeat trio wrote the song more than three years ago in Nashville.

"We met through a mutual friend of Jane and mine, who suggested we should all get together and write," begins keith, who scored previous hits with "It's A Love Thing" and "Your Everything."

"My initial thought was one of concern - you know, what am I going to write with them?" keith continues. "But I also knew that people from different genres can write in any style, so I figured it couldn't be too bad."

He almost figured wrong. "Everyone tossed around a few ideas, but nothing was jelling," says keith. "We couldn't find that middle ground and I was about to bail out."

That is, until Charlotte rescued the day. "We were struggling," she remembers, "Then I threw that title, 'But For The Grace Of God,' into the pot. When keith heard it, he started strumming this great melody on the guitar. Meanwhile, Jane was coming up with lyrics and the words just flowed out."

Jane conjured up slices of everyday life for the verses. "I tried to draw from my own experience, and I thought about the arguing neighbors I once had," she says with a laugh, referring to the first verse of the song.

Raves keith, "That concept alone was terrific. Pretty much everybody has lived next to noisy neighbors at one time. But it was the basic idea, being grateful for the good things we have, that appealed to a lot of people."

"Some people think that this comes from only a male perspective," observes Jane. "But if we had ended up pitching this to a female artist, we were going to change lucky guy to lucky child. We normally don't write for a specific gender - songs should be universal."

And now, they have a universal hit on their hands. Says keith, "I loved how Jane and Charlotte kept the lyrics conversational and really spoke to the listener. It's such a simple song - but sometimes those work out best."

-- Bob Paxman