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Country Artists Recall Ghostly Memories

Some of your favorite stars recall their scariest, funniest, wackiest Halloweens ever!

Mark Wills

My favorite Halloween memory was this last one. I’d been telling my kids that I had to work on Halloween so I wouldn’t be home. They were like, “Okay, that’s fine.” My work was going to Disneyworld for the Miracle Network PGA Golf tournament. So I said, “Let’s do something cool— how about you guys ride with me to the airport, and we’ll go in and I’ll let you get some candy.” We went in and I was checking the bags—they weren’t paying attention to how many bags I was checking because people were giving them candy. Finally I said, “I’ll just take you guys with me.” So we get on the plane and the flight attendant starts talking and says welcome aboard this non-stop flight to Orlando. Malley whips her head around and said, “What did she say?” I said, “I don’t know, what did she say?” She says, “We’re going to Orlando?” I said, “Surprise!”

Hal Ketchum

I remember I was about 4 or 5 years old, and my older brother and a whole gang of kids in our neighborhood went out trick or treating together. My costume was a white sheet with two holes cut in it—I was a ghost. I remember we started going up the street, and it was a full moon, and my brother started saying there was a witch flying across the moon—and I was petrified. They kept getting ahead of me, and I had a paper grocery bag that was my trick or treat bag . . . and I kept trying to run and keep up with these guys. And the more frightened I got, the faster I ran, and I'd keep stepping on the front of the sheet, and the eye holes kept dropping down around my chin. I was kind of wandering around people's yards, wailing. It had rained that day, so the ground was wet . . . and I was so short, I was dragging this paper bag. So by the time I got back to the house, I had a big hole in the bottom of the bag . . . and I'd left a trail of candy on the way back to the house. So I had a muddy sheet, and a grocery bag with no candy in it. But my brother was really cool. He was such a loving, great brother . . . he sat down in the middle of the living room floor with me, and gave me half of his candy. It taught me—there's always more candy!

Brad Cotter

One year I trick-or-treated wearing nothing but a sock when I was a senior in high school and lost a bet at a party. I only had to knock on one stranger’s door, and luckily it was someone with a sense of humor. They didn't call the cops, but I didn't receive any candy either—just a few laughs. It was just a little good, clean fun—good because I honored the bet, clean because the sock was fresh as a mountain stream, and certainly fun when you consider the laughs the folks who answered the door that night must have had. I'm sure I looked pretty silly.

Blue County’s Aaron Benward

My favorite costume was my Luke Skywalker costume that was way too short for me, so I had high waters riding up my butt.

Whiskey Falls’ Damon Johnson

One Halloween I busted out the full-on vampire outfit . . . looked great, but it's been done a million times, right? But the thing that made it different and awesome was my daughter, Heather, was my sidekick as "The Dead Cheerleader." She was in the 5th grade, and we "bloodied up" her real-life cheerleading suit and turned heads all over the neighborhood. And of course, my son, Marshall, was Barney, and my youngest daughter, Sarah, was a caterpillar. Epic!

Whiskey Falls’ Wally Brandt

I guess the unique thing bout me is that I have a twin brother . . . whenever we didn’t have the time or money to get costumes, we would just stroll in any Halloween party and announce we were going as each other!

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