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When they're not singing, stars find ways to relax

Jessica Andrews shops till she drops ... Kenny Chesney swings on the links ... Darryl Worley is drawn to water. These are just some of the ways busy stars unwind and have fun.

For Brad Paisley nothing beats fishing - even when he's golfing. "I love bass fishing," he declares. "I feel confident that I can hold my own out there, but not on the golf course. I'll be going by water traps, ponds and stuff, and just wish I was sittin' on the banks!"

Tracy Lawrence loves hitting the links. "It's just a great outlet, especially being on the road," he explains. "It breaks the monotony of the road grind." As much as Tracy loves golf, sometimes golf doesn't love him. "I find a new joint pain every week," he says, "but I just play around it!"

Kenny Chesney often finds himself on the golf course, though he admits it isn't always fun. "I started playing golf when I was in high school, and my game has been getting progressively worse every year!" he laughs. "The more I play, the worse I get. It's frustrating because I consider myself to be a pretty good athlete. But golf is a lot more mental and takes more finesse than anything I'm used to."

Jeff Carson enjoys doing what he calls "manly stuff "! "I hunt deer and turkeys," he says. "And I've also gotten a little into carpentry, since we're renovating our house. Matter of fact, I just finished building a deck a couple of weeks ago on the back of our house. It actually turned out real well."

Put Darryl Worley anywhere near the water and he's happy as a clam. "I'm a pretty good water-skier," he admits. "Being from Savannah, Tenn., which is on the Tennessee River, I've always enjoyed spending time on and around the water. I also love to fish."

Since newcomer Carolyn Dawn Johnson's debut song, "Complicated," cracked the Top 20, her life has become, well ... complicated. "Music and writing songs used to be my hobby, and nothing has replaced it now that it's my full-time job," she explains. "But I'd have to say listening to music is still my hobby. I can be cleaning house or doing work at home and I'm always rummaging through CDs and playing them."

Jessica Andrews is uncomplicated when it comes to chilling out - she just hits the mall. "Shopping is my absolutely favorite thing to do," she says. "I love shopping for makeup and a great pair of shoes."

- Jennifer Masters