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Former actor Scott Reeves takes a shot at country - and his Days of Our Lives soap-star wife, Melissa, is right behind him!

Scott Reeves, the former daytime TV star and now one-half of the new country duo Blue County, walks his guests out to the unfinished backyard of the hilltop mansion where he lives with wife Melissa and their two children.

The one-acre suburban retreat includes a swimming pool and a gigantic barbecue - not to mention a 6,000-square-foot house and breathtaking views of the canyons and Los Angeles' San Fernando Valley. The home, which the family moved into just a couple of weeks ago, has been under construction for two years.

But none of that really matters.

"When it comes to our happiness," says Scott, "it's what's in our house that counts: the love. We could live in a shoebox, and it would be just as amazing, because we all have each other."

Scott, 37, and Melissa, 36, found one another in a very roundabout way. The two met in the late 1980s, when both were cast members of the NBC soap Days of Our Lives. She was dating someone at the time, and he was engaged - so nothing happened.

But after Scott left the cast, each of their relationships bit the dust. Scott invited her to a party at his house, and the rest is history. "We just slowly started dating from there," remembers Melissa. They married in 1990 and began a family not long after - daughter Emily is now 11 years old, and son Larry is 6.

Scott went on to star in a 10-year run on CBS's The Young and the Restless. But, in daytime drama style, he was harboring a deep, dark secret - it turns out Scott always thought of music as his first calling. "Acting just kind of happened," he laughs. "It worked, so I said, 'Heck, this is a good day gig.' "

"Music has always been such a huge part of Scott's life," confirms Melissa. "It's always been there."

So Scott and his best friend, former contemporary Christian singer Aaron Benward, started the duo Blue County - and they already have a Top 30 hit, "Good Little Girls." Their debut CD is set for release in March.

The time away from home required for Scott's career change has led to lifestyle adjustments for the whole family. "I don't take five minutes with my family for granted anymore," he observes. "I make the most of every second that I'm here."

Luckily, Melissa is glad to take up the slack when her husband is away. "She's like supermom!" marvels Scott.

"You just do what you have to do in certain situations," she responds modestly. "When something like this happens, how can you say, 'Oh, I can't handle the responsibility?' It's worth the sacrifice."

Scott stays connected - he calls home first thing in the morning to help wake up the kids, again at night to pray with them before bed and about every two hours in between. "It takes a lot more thought and more effort, but I think it's a necessity," he notes. "I also e-mail pictures and send postcards."

Scott and Melissa hope that putting the family first - ahead of the glamour of their star-studded jobs - will teach Emily and Larry what's really important.

"We've gone through so many stages in our life, so many ups and downs, that our children can see it hasn't always been this way," Melissa says. "They know that it's not what makes our life. It doesn't define who we are at all."

-- Story by Tom Roland