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Bluegrass star Rhonda Vincent bakes blueberry muffins

Everywhere bluegrass star Rhonda Vincent travels, she's reminded of food. That's because she cruises from town to town in the Martha White Bluegrass Express - a vibrant red-white-and-blue tour bus sponsored by the famous self-rising flour company.

"I grew up on corn bread made with Martha White flour," smiles the Missouri native. "And now they're putting my recipe for Jammin' Sour Cream Muffins on their packages of blueberry muffin mix. That is so cool!"

Rhonda is also the spokeswoman for Bluegrass Express and her picture appears on 19 million muffin mix packages.

That capped off a tasty year for the bluegrass singer/instrumentalist, who copped Female Vocalist and Entertainer of the Year honors at the International Bluegrass Music Association Awards. What's more, her album, The Storm Still Rages, hit No. 1 on the bluegrass charts.

Rhonda rules in the kitchen as well. Occasionally, she cooks onboard the bus for her band, The Rage. "I make corn bread, grilled cheese sandwiches, different things," says Rhonda. "Anything to not have to eat out all the time."

Today's treat is blueberry muffins, and Rhonda dons something appropriate - her blue Martha White apron. "You know, I won a blue ribbon for baking wearing this apron," she says, followed by a sly wink. "Just kidding."

And just for fun, Rhonda climbs behind the wheel of the bus and starts to stir the batter. "Watch me drive while I cook," she jokes, before noticing a tiny problem. "Whoops, it's getting a little lumpy. Need to stir a little harder."

She spoons the batter into individual muffin cups - 15 minutes later, the muffins are piping hot and ready to eat. Rhonda and her two teenage daughters, Sally and Tensel, grab some fresh ones off the top.

"Oh, man, these are so good. Of course," she says, grinning, "they're not exactly non-fattening - but we love 'em!"

-- Bob Paxman

Get the recipie in Sept 3, 2002 issue!