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Paying A Price

Ray Price could wrap himself around a country tune like nobody's business - but occasionally he liked to cross musical borderlines. Once, though, Ray nearly stepped too far over the line, sparking a radio controversy and a frenetic fan incident.

Ray was especially fond of the Irish ballad "Danny Boy," and recorded a lushly produced version of the song in on Nov. 8, 1966. But once the single hit radio, country purists became outraged.

"There were some radio stations in Texas - my home state - that refused to play it," Ray recalls. "A lot of the disc jockeys were upset with me, but what's funny is they were the ones who suggested I do it. So when I did, they said I left country music. I guess it gave them something to talk about."

Some fans reacted with more than mere talk. One night when Ray performed "Danny Boy" in San Antonio, a huge brawl broke out in the middle of the song. But ultimately Price was right - "Danny Boy" hit the Top 10 on the country charts and is still a hot request at his concerts even today.