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Elvis Comes Marching Home

Elvis Presley was undeniably the world's biggest star when he was drafted into the Army in March 1958.

The youngster from Memphis created a musical sensation with hits like "Hound Dog," "Don't Be Cruel" and others that topped both the pop and country charts. Elvis also reigned as king of the movie box office, starring in the films Love Me Tender, Loving You and Jailhouse Rock.

During the production of his fourth movie, King Creole, Elvis received his draft notice and was later inducted into the U.S. Army. Though proud to serve his country, he also felt that the timing could not have been worse.

"It's all over," he lamented to a reporter at the time. "They [the fans] aren't going to know me when I get back."

Two years later, he'd be singing a different tune. On March 20, 1960 – 15 days after his discharge – Elvis walked into a Nashville studio and recorded several songs, including "Stuck On You."

Right away, the fans proved that they were sticking with their idol. "Stuck On You" topped the pop charts and hit country's Top 30 – and Elvis' red-hot career was refueled.

March 20, 196