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The marriage of George Jones and Tammy Wynette wasn't exactly made in heaven.

While the two enjoyed many blissful moments -- and recorded several duet hits like "Golden Ring" and "Near You" -- they also fought like cats and dogs, often over George's drinking.

Their love-hate relationship provided plenty of grist for the rumor mill. "Stories circulated about our pending divorce during the entire time we were married," said George, who wed "The First Lady of Country Music" in 1969.

And they played into the hands of those rumors with such duets as "We're Gonna Hold On" and "The Ceremony." George once admitted that "We're Gonna Hold On," in particular, "sounded like our personal vow to hang on to our marriage no matter how difficult."

But unlike the couple in their hit song, George and Tammy could not hold on. The arguments grew more frequent as George continued to battle the bottle. Tammy filed for divorce from George in 1973, but the two stars reconciled and Tammy withdrew the petition.

She filed again in January of 1975 -- and this time it stuck. George and Tammy were officially divorced March 12, 1975.