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FLASHBACK: Jan. 7th, 1988

Bakersfield Buds

In honor of its 30th anniversary, the Country Music Association hosted an all-star gala from the Grand Ole Opry House, taped for a future TV special. During the "Bakersfield Sound" segment of the show -- devoted to the hybrid music style that combined country with an edgier beat -- a pair of giants from different generations provided the highlight of the evening.

Dwight Yoakam was joined onstage by one of the architects of the Bakersfield Sound, Buck Owens. The two teamed up for a revival of Buck's "Streets Of Bakersfield," and brought down the house. In fact, the reaction was so huge that Dwight and Buck decided to record a version of the song, which went No. 1 later that year.

For Dwight, the pairing was especially meaningful, as he often credits Buck as a major influence. "The Bakersfield Sound was a source of inspiration for the type of music that was in my head," explains Dwight. "In knowing Buck, I gained a greater insight into the virtue of giving over to fate what path my music would ultimately take - and not letting that frustrate me."