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Trace Adkins is at the top of his game with a beautiful new addition to his family, a powerful new "country music anthem" and a valid question about what more he can do to become one of country's elite.

Trace Adkins may be one of the manliest men in country music, but on this sunny winter afternoon at his Nashville-area home, it's all he can do to barely hold his own as he finds himself surrounded by five beautiful females.

All of whom happen to be his daughters.

"Brianna, come on over here," cajoles Trace from the sofa, in a voice that's loving, yet still commanding enough to make bystanders wonder how anyone, let alone his cute 3-year-old, could possibly ignore it. But somehow Brianna does.

The girls are gathering around their dad for a photo shoot, which marks a coming-out party of sorts for little Trinity Lee Adkins, the newest addition to the family and an early Christmas present, born to Trace and wife Rhonda on Dec. 3.

Trinity is posing like a real pro in her dad's arms, but Brianna requires just a bit more coaxing to leave her seat in front of the TV and join sister Mackenzie, 6, and Trace's teenage daughters from a previous marriage - Tarah, 19, and Sarah, 16 - on the sofa. The older girls are in from Louisiana to see the new baby.

Finally, Rhonda convinces Brianna to assume her place on Tarah's lap, and there are smiles all around when the shoot is finished and everyone can relax.

But where Trace's career is concerned, it'll be a while before he's able to kick back, relax and enjoy the fruits of his labors.

"That day's comin'," he declares. "But, you know what? I have to work really hard to achieve that. I'm prepared and willing to do what millions of other dads in this country do, which is work real hard and sacrifice and miss out on some of the stuff they do when they're little so that I can provide well for 'em."

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