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Somehow, it didn’t seem possible that Johnny Cash could be dead.   

A resilient survivor of personal upheavals, a vanquisher of internal demons, a towering master of his art, he was an elemental force in America’s cultural landscape. Through music, on television, in movies and with the written word, his presence left and indelible imprint over the past five decades.   

Like Mount Rushmore or the Mississippi River, it seemed almost unthinkable that someday he simply wouldn’t be there.   

But that’s what happened on September 12, when he passed away at Nashville’s Baptist Hospital, losing a final battle with respiratory failure brought on by diabetes.   

He was a superstar who spoke for the commoner, a musician who ignored boundaries, a songwriter who set new standards for clarity, gravity and honesty. He boldly confronted and publicly acknowledged his weaknesses of the flesh and spirit. He created one of country’s most durable love stories, and a bedrock of American musical legacy.   

We’re honored to pay tribute to his remarkable life and his amazing career. In the 120 pages "Farewell to the Man in Black " Tribute,. In it, you’ll find the incredible story of Johnny’s journey from Arkansas sharecropper to international superstar. You’ll read about the powerful, sustaining relationship with June Carter that fueled his life and his music. And you’ll discover a treasure trove of rarely seen photos of Johnny as a performer, TV star and family man.    

Johnny may be gone, but his influence and his legacy will live on. Please join us as we salute the Man in Black, a true American original.      

Neil Pond  
Editorial Director

Look for it on sale starting September 18th