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With the new Fifty Number Ones, George Strait is crowned country's most successful star - but he's never lost sight of the real priority in his life.

You might think that George Strait would consider having more No. 1 hits than anyone in history to be his greatest feat. He doesn't.

George has never measured himself by numbers and sales figures. Instead, he's proudest of the time he's spent at home with his family year in and year out.

"Isn't that what we all work for?" says George. "There's nothing I like more than going back to the ranch - just being home and being with my family. That's what I love most."

Of course, George loves making music, too - and now he's celebrating his record-setting success with a two-CD set, Fifty Number Ones. When he hit that magical number, George broke Conway Twitty's record of 49 No. 1s by a solo artist - taking all industry charts into account.

"I was never really counting No. 1s myself, honestly, until we got somewhere in the 40s," says George. "Then someone made me aware of the fact that we might have a chance to break Conway Twitty's record. After that, I can't say that it wasn't in the back of my mind."

George is far too modest to put himself into the category of country legends - simply being mentioned as an equal of a giant like the late Conway Twitty makes him enormously proud. "'She'll Leave You With a Smile' was my 50th - and I love that song," says George. "I've always said it reminded me of a Conway song, and I think that's pretty ironic."

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