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From biking to boxing, the stars know how to keep trim

Living on a tour bus, eating on the run – a performer's life makes it difficult to stay fit. But health is important to everyone, so your favorite stars manage to find interesting ways to keep themselves lean and ready for onstage action.

"Trying to stay trim is an ongoing tussle," admits Steve Holy. "I try to hit the treadmill about 40 minutes a day, and do a little weights."

SHeDAISY's Kassidy Osborn, on the other hand, likes to hit something. "I bring my boxing gloves with me when I'm out on the road," she says. "I usually look for a gym that has a punching bag. And if I don't find one, I use the workout room in the hotel or just go jogging outside."

Keith Urban also gets in a good jog – and more – as often as possible. "I try to run a couple of miles, and do some crunches, sit-ups and push-ups in the hotel gym or on the bus," he says. "There's room to do some stuff between the bunks!"

Marty Stuart is also a fan of running -- fast. "My favorite thing to do is to job alongside the bus – I'm up to 65 miles an hour!" he jokes. "And I can do it for 12 miles!"

Amy Grant hits the road on two wheels – and takes hubby Vince Gill and their baby daughter along. "On the road, the one thing I do pretty consistently is ride my bike," she says. "I have a baby seat on the back of my bike so I can put Corrina in there, and Vince goes with me a lot. But even if he didn't, I would just go by myself. It doesn't feel like exercise to me – you get to see a city and meet people."

Darryl Worley's workout feels like serious exercise. "Every day, I work my chest and shoulders with weights and stretching exercises," he says. "But what I really have to pound are my legs – they're so thin that if I don't work them, they shrink down! I heard enough about my 'bird legs' growing up, so I make sure to work on those every day."

Alan Jackson heads for his home gym to lift weights. "My wife and I have this trainer friend who comes to the house three days a week for an hourlong workout," he reveals. "Weight training – not so much bodybuilding, but just muscle training, really, and then we walk two or three miles after that. That's about it. I'm just trying to stay alive!"

When it comes to how to stay alive, the members of Trick Pony have different ideas. "I'm always watching what I eat," says Keith Burns. "And if we stop for an hour to eat, I'll use that time to get out there and run for three miles."

Keith's bandmate Ira Dean has seen his partner's strategy – and he's not convinced. "Keith works out all the time!" he confirms. "Always lifting, always running – but remember, it's always two smokers who find the jogger who died of a heart attack!"