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The three sisters of SHeDAISY are roaring back with their fastest-rising hit ever, 'Passenger Seat,' and something you've never seen in a country video - sword swallowing!

When it came to casting the motorcycle-riding hunks who appear in their new video, the sisters in SHeDAISY subjected themselves to a rigorous selection process.

Not really.

"There were 25 actors we got to choose from," says lead singer Kassidy Osborn. "And we all just went, 'I'll take that one ... and I'll take that one ... and that one.'

She laughs. "Just line up and choose whatever you want. Not like real life - I wish!"

Real life may not work exactly that way, but it is looking pretty good again these days for Kassidy and sisters Kelsi and Kristyn, after two years of dealing with personal and professional disappointments.

Kassidy got through a romantic breakup, Kristyn survived a divorce. And all three sisters had to face the frustration that their previous CD, Knock on the Sky, was a commercial letdown - especially after the optimism that greeted their first CD and its debut hit, "Little Good-Byes."

But that's all behind them now. After taking time to reassess their professional and personal lives, the siblings couldn't be more optimistic about the future. And for good reason - their new hit, "Passenger Seat," is the fastest-rising of their career. And their new album, Sweet Right Here, is set for release in June.

"It's gratifying to have the single doing so well," declares Kelsi. "We didn't know what it was gonna be like after being off radio and the charts for two years. You're always keeping your fingers crossed ... so of course it's exciting."

That excitement is showing on their faces in their feel-good video for "Passenger Seat." After all, how many women have three hunky guys on motorcycles following them down a sunkissed California highway?

"Happens every day!" laughs Kassidy.

"We've never had the pleasure of experiencing that before," notes Kristyn with a grin. "It was fun - though a lot more uncomfortable than we thought it would be."

"We just met them," adds Kassidy, "and were supposed to have some kind of connection with them and act real flirty! But they're actors and used to it - they were very professional."

Professional or not, it's tough when you have to kiss someone you just met - while two dozen cast and crew members are standing around watching.

"I was thinking, 'Oh, yeah, this'll be fun,' " recalls Kristyn, who was recruited to do the kissing. "Then you get there, and it started as this massive make-out scene - massive for me anyway. It finally broke down to, 'Just lean out of the car and give him a little quick kiss.' It was just so uncomfortable!"

In a very different scene, Kelsi experienced her own discomfort when she was asked to pull a sword from the mouth of a sword swallower! "I said, 'No, don't make me do it! Let Kristyn do it. I'll gag!' I've had this ever since I was a little kid. You know, I'd go to the dentist - and end up vomiting on him! Just the feeling of the sword coming up through his throat ..."

"We'd look over and say, 'Kelsi's gagging! Kelsi's gagging! Stop!' chimes in Kassidy. "But it was pretty amazing."

The three share a hearty laugh - and it's clear that despite the trials they've endured in the last couple of years, they're eager to start a new chapter in their lives.

"We're supposed to be enjoying this ride," sums up Kristyn. "Not be angry and resentful and bitter and frustrated. We just want to enjoy it - finally."

-- David Scarlett