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AFTER YEARS OF NOT ONLY SOUNDING GREAT BUT LOOKING great, George Strait has teamed up with Wrangler to create a new line of Western-wear shirts to help his fans look as good as he does! To celebrate the new George Strait Cowboy Cut Collection product line, 20 lucky contestants who enter the Country Weekly "Dress Like George" Sweepstakes will win a free pair of Wrangler jeans and two of George's new shirts. What a great way to start the new year!

And these aren't just any shirts. They reflect George's simple, traditional style with dressshirt quality in a fine-weave, lightweight, allcotton fabric. The new collection hits store shelves in November and December and features long-sleeve, button-down styles available in casual plaids, dressy stripes and elegant solids. No two ways about it, these shirts are guaranteed to make those who know the difference between "Living and Living Well" almost "Run" to their Wrangler retailer to pick up one or two - or three!

And, for those who may need some help pulling off the genuine cowboy look, the folks at Wrangler have a few pointers:

  • Real cowboys work hard and wear rugged jeans, durable shirts and tough boots. They also tend to want those boots to have rounded toes (as opposed to the pointy ones often referred to as "roach killers").
  • Real cowboys wear their jeans heavily starched with a center crease and buy 'em an extra four inches longer so they "stack" on the heels of their boots. Ditto on the heavy starch for the long-sleeve, all-cotton shirts worn by real cowboys.
  • And, of course, every real cowboy has a hat and knows how to wear it. That means it should never be worn on the back of the head, but should be slanted forward and worn snug on the forehead.

And if all else fails and you still don't know how to pull off that real cowboy look, just find a picture of George - and dress like him!

Country Weekly's 'Dress Like George' Sweepstakes

20 Readers will each WIN

  • A free pair of Wrangler Jeans
  • Two free George Strait Cowboy Cut Collection shirts

Entry instructions appear in the Dec. 9, 2003 issue of Country Weekly. You can also read the complete rules and enter online at

(Each winner will be sent a certificate redeemable for one pair of Wrangler jeans and two George Strait Cowboy Cut Collection shirts at any one of over 2,500 national western-wear outlets where Wrangler products are sold. For store locations, call toll-free 1-888-784-8571, or visit online.)

Good luck!

-- David Scarlett