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I'm Gone," sang Cyndi Thomson in her third hit, and it turns out she wasn't kidding: Cyndi recently dropped a bombshell by announcing that she's quitting the music business.

She was just beginning a promising career - her debut smash, "What I Really Meant To Say," flew to No. 1, and her album My World went gold. She married Daniel Goodman in May, and had expressed a desire to eventually have children and a life out of the spotlight.

But no one expected Cyndi, who turned 26 in October, to make that move so soon. She's been silent about her early retirement, except for a written statement excerpted here.

Dear friends, I want you to be the first to hear about some important decisions I have made for my life and my future. Becoming a recording artist is a career sought after by many. To be given this incredible opportunity has been an overwhelming, life-changing experience. I want everyone to know how much I appreciate this amazing gift.

I have used the word "overwhelming" because it describes the entire process of becoming a recording artist. Being in the music business necessitates change in the life of a person in ways that can only be realized through experience. I made those changes to become successful.

Now I have come to a crossroad. The next step in my career would be to make a new album, with the many obligations that go along with it. I have now realized that I cannot commit to those obligations. I love music, but the timing is right for me to walk away from being a recording artist.

My plans are to continue writing and creating music. Respecting music is of the utmost importance to me - as it is one of God's gifts. I want to thank each fan for making me feel loved. The fans have been supportive and encouraging when I needed support and encouragement. I will cherish that memory the rest of my life. Your faces are burned in my memory.

-- Cyndi Thomson