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Crook & Chase: Back in Business

Lorianne Crook and Charlie Chase team up once again.

Country's favorite TV team, Lorianne Crook and Charlie Chase, is back on the TV airwaves after eight years with an all–new Crook & Chase on RFD–TV. Lorianne and Charlie talked with Country Weekly about the new series, while Lady Antebellum's Hillary Scott shared an early Crook & Chase memory.

CW: Why did it take eight years to finally get a show like this back on the air?

Lorianne: Our last shows for TNN were in 2000. When TNN went off the air [in 2000], that sent out the message that country music must be dying. We went around the country and tried to get another show going, but ran into the same thing every time—why should our network carry a country music show when The Nashville Network couldn't make it? That didn't mean there were no country fans.

Charlie: I think country has now come back around a little bit. The audience is hungry for more country entertainment.

CW: You're bringing on some of the older stars along with the current ones. Is that a little risky these days?

Charlie: We've always tried to have a variety. I think that's one reason the fans have always enjoyed our show.

Lorianne: The whole show is a little risky, quite honestly, because it is expensive to do. And we've never been confrontational or scandalous, and that isn't going to change. Charlie and I are comfortable with who we are. But I always remember something that Conway Twitty once told me. He said that we are such a throwaway society and we think that unless something is brand new and fresh, that it's not worth anything. He also said that there are a lot of things from the past that are meaningful and they need to be passed on. We have always tried to keep that in mind.

Hillary Scott from rising new group Lady Antebellum—who appeared on the Jan. 24 Crook & Chase show—recalled a moment from the mid–1990s when Crook & Chase was filmed in Myrtle Beach, S.C. Hillary, the daughter of country star Linda Davis, got the chance to introduce her mom to the studio audience when she appeared on the program. "Mom was on their show a few times when they taped in Myrtle Beach," says Hillary. "My cousin and I went to a taping and we actually got to introduce Mom on one show. Now, if they were ever to bring that footage out, it would be really embarrassing," Hillary adds with a laugh, "because I was a chubby little kid back then. I think I did make the mistake of telling that to one of the show's producers, though."

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