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Stars reveal the duds they can't live without

We all know stars have the most fabulous clothes. But what do they really like to wear, away from the bright lights and cameras? We raided the stars' closets to discover the threads that give them a warm, fuzzy feeling.

Collin Raye prefers the lived-in feel of his favorite jacket. "I've got a crushed-leather bomber jacket that I've had for about 15 years," he says. "From the moment I put it on, it just had that great feel about it."

Blake Shelton also has a place in his heart for a jacket. "I'm liking my sport jackets lately," he says.

Mindy McCready prefers to keep it casual. "I like my pajamas - a tank top and guys' cotton PJ pants," she says. "I even walk my dogs in them! But when I'm in Florida, I love to run around in my bathing suit. I don't think I had it off for an entire week the last time I was down there."

Mark Wills also digs sleepwear. "My favorite things are about five pairs of Perry Ellis silk/cotton pajamas that go everywhere with me," he says.

Kenny Rogers, too, would rather be dressed down than up. "I wear sweatpants all the time," he reveals. "To me, dressing up is to put a polo shirt over my sweatpants."

Barbara Mandrell likes to pamper her tired tootsies. "Acorn brand house slippers are my favorite," she says. "They're wooly white lamb's wool on top, and suede on the bottom."

Darryl Worley also has a fondness for suede. "I have this suede shirt jacket," he says. "It's marked up, but that's what brings it character."

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