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What's the best way to spend quality time with your favorite stars? Go to their fan club get-togethers, of course!

"Want my wedding ring?" cracked Carolyn Dawn as she gave away a load of autographed mementos to lucky fan club members gathered at the 12th & Porter nightclub. Carolyn left with her ring still on her finger, but some of the 150 fans did get to meet her new hubby, Matt Fisher, who dropped by during his lunch hour -- and gave everyone a peek at the couple's wedding pictures.

The six-man group celebrated its first-ever fan club party at Bailey's in downtown Nashville. "This is great," said drummer Mike Melancon. "I can't believe there's a line for us!" The guys played for 150 fans and had to be ready to sign anything. "The oddest place we put our autograph was on fingernails," said guitarist Danick Dupelle. "This woman had looooong fingernails, and we each signed a nail."


Playing host to 350 fans at the youth center Rocketown, Rascal Flatts' hourlong performance was simulcast live on the Internet for fans unable to make the trip. One fan in the front row was talking to her husband on a cellphone while he watched from home on his computer. Suddenly bass player Jay DeMarcus asked for the phone from the stage, and the fan gladly handed it over. "I asked the crowd to scream hello," says Jay. "He could see the whole thing playing out on his computer screen."

Stay tuned tomorrow for more Fan Fair parties!