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Andy's fans at Nashville nightclub The Trap heard his mama, Barbara, tell a story about a trip to the store by young Andy and his brother Mason. "On the way back, they saw an old country church having dinner on the grounds," she chuckled. "So they pulled over and started greeting people -- 'Hello! How you doin', brother ... sister!' The crowd thought they were members of the church and invited 'em up and fixed 'em a plate!" Andy grinned. "I even had seconds!"

The Q&A portion of Trace's party at The Trap was almost as much fun as the music! "Got any tattoos?" yelled a young female voice. "I don't have nothin' pierced, no tattoos," grinned Trace. "Ozzy Osbourne said, 'People used to get tattoos to be different. Now, if you want to be different, don't get a tattoo!' " He paused, then smiled. "Not that I really pay much attention to those words of wisdom that come from Ozzy!"

SHeDAISY braved a driving rain to host their party at the Nashville Zoo, but it didn't dampen anyone's spirits. The Osborn sisters -- Kelsi, Kassidy and Kristyn -- were in fine form in music and wit. When one fan called out "Get Over Yourself," Kassidy quipped, "That was a request, wasn't it?" The sisters also harmonized on hits like "Little Good-Byes," "Mine All Mine" and "I Will ... But" SHeDAISY donated proceeds from the party to the zoo.

Stay tuned tomorrow for more Fan Fair parties!