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Angela Belding had a surprise waiting for Deana at her Hard Rock Cafe fan club party that was sweeter than "Strawberry Wine": a T-shirt the 13-year-old from Manchester, Mo., spent five hours making to commemorate Deana's current tour with Kenny Chesney and Keith Urban. "I love it!" squealed Deana as she gave Angela a hug. "Deana's my favorite person in the whole world," said Angela, who's been a fan since she was 6. "This is the first time I've met her -- and I love her."

Nearly 400 fans turned out for Joe Nichols' first fan club party, among them some folks from Patio Joe's Pub in Pompano Beach, Fla. The club's owner, Beverly Mazzola, made a special request while Joe was onstage. "Play 'Joe's Place'!" she shouted. And Joe happily complied. "We have all the stuff from the song in our bar," declared Beverly. "A Blue Ribbon sign, pickled eggs, John Wayne and Elvis." And on the jukebox at Joe's? " 'Joe's Place,' of course!" laughed Beverly. "Now all we need is him in person!"

Jessica introduced the 100 fans gathered at Rachel's, inside the Opryland Hotel, to a special guest -- her boyfriend, up-and-coming singer Marcel. The pair sang together and Jessica was pleasantly surprised by thank-you flowers from her beau. "One year, when he has about 50,000 fans," she chuckled, "I'll be at his fan club party saying, 'Can I sing with you?' "

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