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Chuck Wicks: Field of Dreams

Chuck Wicks dreamed of a baseball career, but now he's getting his hits off the diamond.

In the Feb. 11 issue of Country Weekly, Chuck Wicks, who's climbing the charts with his debut single, "Stealing Cinderella," recalls how he traded his dreams of becoming a pro baseball player for a career in country music. Chuck's debut album, Starting Now, was released Jan. 22. Here's more from his interview.

CW: What have you learned about songwriting since you moved to Nashville [in 2002]?

Chuck: That there is a science and a structure behind it. Everything's been said, but it's finding that unique way to say it again that's the hardest part. I find mostly that when a song is honest, that's when it really comes across. I wrote a song for the album called "What If You Stay," and there is a line that says, I wouldn't blame you if you hated me. That's really what I said to the person in real life, so why not put that in a song?

CW: Any word on the followup single yet?

Chuck: We're trying to figure that out. "What If You Stay" is certainly a contender, and so is "All I Ever Wanted." We'll get a lot of feedback on the road from the audiences, I'm sure. The process is not as easy this time around as it was for "Stealing Cinderella." That was always going to be the first single&mdashit was pretty much a no-brainer.

CW: Speaking of the road, you're on tour with Brad Paisley right now. Are you ready for his pranks?

Chuck: All I can say is, I'm not going to start anything—because I want to stay on tour with him. But I'm sure he'll decide when and where he's going to pull the first prank on me. And I have a good one hidden away—just in case I need it (laughs). Seriously, Brad has such a great show. He's an awesome songwriter, a really great guitar player, great singer. I'm going to go out there and learn from him.