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When Chely Wright was a newspaper delivery girl in her hometown of Wellsville, Kan., she knew every street like the back of her hand. "I also knew every crack in the sidewalks," she jokes.

Recently, the folks of Wellsville surprised the former "paper girl" by giving Chely her very own street, Chely Wright Way.

It all happened on "Chely Wright Day" as Wellsville's most famous citizen returned to the town for a gala homecoming. During festivities attended by Chely's family and hundreds of fans, Main Street was officially renamed in honor of the town's renowned "Single White Female." City officials also unveiled a brand-new sign: welcome to wellsville, home of chely wright.

"When you leave a great little community like Wellsville, you always dream about coming home and being famous," declared Chely. "But this is an honor I never imagined."

Chely also gave back to her community, presenting Wellsville's new elementary school with a piano courtesy of her Reading, Writing & Rhythm Foundation.

-- Bob Paxman