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The mid-'90s were a boot-stomping, chart-topping time for Little Texas. The popular group cranked out several hits -- "God Blessed Texas," "Kick A Little" and "My Love" -- and were on the road almost nonstop, performing one rocking show after another. As good as it was, it proved to be too much for keyboardist and fan heartthrob Brady Seals, who left the band in 1995.

"I'd just gotten to the point where my mind and body were worn out," admits Brady, now 33. "The year before I left I think we did 322 dates. It was crazy."

The pell-mell touring schedule was tough enough, but Brady was also one of the band's principal songwriters who co-penned their biggest hits.

"On my time off, I was writing and doing pre-production," he recalls. "Not that I was doing more work than the other guys, but, for me, it was too much."

Both Brady and his ex-bandmates say his leaving was amicable. It also turned out to be prophetic: Two years after his exit, Little Texas called it quits, citing burnout from their constant touring as a prime reason for pulling the plug.

In a twist of fate, just as Little Texas disbanded in 1997, Brady's first Warner Bros. solo album, The Truth, was being released. A year later, he followed up with Brady Seals.

Now Brady's back with a new album, Thompson Street (available exclusively on his website, This time, he's truly going solo.

"It's the first project I've ever done that has been solely me," he says.

Brady answers fans who may not want him to stray too far from country. "With everything I do there's always going to be a little bit of country in it because there's country in me," he declares.

Indeed, after completing Thompson Street, Brady began producing an as-yet-unnamed bluegrass band. "My thing is to soothe my soul with great music," he confides, "whether it's rock 'n' roll, country, bluegrass or R&B."

And Brady doesn't rule out future group ventures. He's been writing songs with ex-bandmate Porter Howell. "People ask me all the time if Little Texas is getting back together," Brady acknowledges. "Truthfully, I don't know. But we've been getting along better than we have in a long time."

For now, Brady plans to tour playing songs from Thompson Street, as well as Little Texas favorites.

"I'm anxious to go out and stir it up," he declares with a grin, "and see if people still remember!"

--M.B. Roberts