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For many of country's hottest couples, blending career and romance is a surefire secret for keeping the relationship hot. But is too much togetherness a bad idea?

About halfway through his latest video, "Remember When," Alan Jackson joins a select club - singers who invite their spouses to work.

It's only fitting. "Remember When" was inspired by Denise, and the way she and Alan have stuck together through ups and downs over the years. As the song's steelguitar solo plays, the video shows Alan and wife Denise dancing slowly and close, nuzzling gently and finally kissing - before the final verse comes in, and Alan has to sing again. Then she's gone, reappearing only in the black-and-white images flickering on video screens behind him.

Featuring a wife, husband, boyfriend or girlfriend in a video may seem like a casual gesture, but it's actually a rather bold declaration of commitment - it preserves a private relationship on film, and literally broadcasts the result for the whole world to see. It announces the couple's love, and tempts fate - after all, if the pair ever split, the video would still be around to haunt them. The same is also true anytime a star decides to include a significant other in his or her work in any way.

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