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New mom Deana Carter delivers a raw, revealing look at her pregnancy for TV series.

Deana Carter, whose No. 1 debut single "Strawberry Wine" became her signature song back in 1996, gave birth Sept. 15 to a son, Gray Hayes Hicky, weighing 7 pounds 14 ounces. And everything - from the early months of Deana's pregnancy to the exhausting post-birth schedule - was recorded for the world to see by her boyfriend, filmmaker Chris Hicky.

Now their cinematic labor of love (pun intended) is a dramatic episode of CMT's In the Moment series, airing Dec. 3 at 10 p.m. Eastern.

"We just wanted to etch this time in history for us," explains Deana, calling from her Los Angeles home. "We started filming in January, mainly just to have it for the baby, for him to see us before he was here." What the baby will one day see is two people in love trying to work through the shock of an unplanned pregnancy and doing it with patience, humor and honesty.

"It's still quite shocking," admits Deana, who learned she was pregnant last January 8. "We'd just come back from the Christmas holidays. I had just met his family and he'd just met mine. We'd been friends since last August. We weren't dating until right before the holidays. The first thing that went through my mind was, feeling like I was 16 and I had to tell my parents. I'm a grown woman who's been through a lot in my life, but that little girl in your heart ... you know, and we aren't married.

"You kind of want things in life to happen in an order," she continues. "I've been married and divorced. That's why I was just very shocked - a new relationship and everything. And it's not the optimal way to start off, but I'm very fortunate in that he is such a great guy. We've stuck together and we love this baby. Deana encountered physical problems during her pregnancy, including gestational diabetes.

"I had to do insulin injections," she notes. "I checked my blood seven times a day, and I had to do four injections a day. So I was constantly poking myself with needles.

But Deana emphasizes that the physical hardships she endured were worth the joy of being pregnant.

"It's so hard to comprehend you're being lived in, you know?" she acknowledges. "You're like this human condo."

After nearly 10 months of on-camera existence, Deana confesses she's ready for a break. But the break will be short, because in January she'll be promoting her new single, appropriately called "One Day at a Time," from her upcoming album, The Story of My Life, out next March.

But first she has to find time to get out of her bathrobe. "I'm on one continual day," explains the breast-feeding mom on a tight schedule. "It's like, 'Boob out, bathrobe and you're lucky if you shower,' " she confides with a laugh.

"I think I took maybe two showers in a week. It was awful! I kept thinking the baby and the dog are not gonna know who I am!"

- Wendy Newcomer