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Sammy-Lorrie stalker to remain behind bars.

The long nightmare for Sammy Kershaw, his wife Lorrie Morgan and their children has ended for now. Adrian Washington, the man charged with stalking, harassing and threatening to kill and rape members of Sammy's family, was bound over to a Sumner County, Tenn., grand jury - as a relieved Sammy and Lorrie looked on. Washington, an employee at the couple's restaurant, began his threats last November, leaving anonymous messages on the cellphone of Lorrie's daughter, Morgan Whitley. He threatened to "cut up" Sammy and rape Lorrie and the other female members of the family. Sammy contacted the police, who traced the number to a private phone, then to Washington. He was arrested and held on $10,000 bond, but the family was still concerned he could possibly make bail. "We're just trying to stay a step ahead of him," said Sammy. But for now, those worries - along with many sleepless nights - are over.

Washington will remain in jail and is not allowed to have contact with Sammy or Lorrie's family. There is no word on when he will stand trial.