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Blue Collar Comedy Tour: The Movie Theater Release

An uproarious new movie showcases four of country's funniest comedians

If you weren’t among the almost half a million folks who caught the gut-bustin’ Blue Collar Comedy Tour starring comedians Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, Ron White and Larry The Cable Guy, you’re in luck. The even zanier just-released Blue Collar Comedy Tour: The Movie is coming to a theater near you.

“For the movie we filmed one of our stand-up concerts on the tour and interspersed that with footage of us doing some crazy scenes,” explains Jeff.

The scenes include the guys running wild at a flea market, a spa, a Bass Pro Shop in Nashville, a mall and other locations.

“One sketch shows us at a Victoria’s Secret store,” notes Jeff, “where Bill keeps asking the salesgirls to try on outfits ‘because you’re just my wife’s size.’ The gals have heard that line a gazillion times and don’t fall for it. Then Larry finally gets all of us kicked out for ‘touching stuff.’ “

Jeff says the movie was originally planned to open in 300 theaters, but the documentary tested so well with early viewer groups that the opening was expanded to 1,800 theaters. After the theater run is over, the flick will have a VHS/DVD release.

“We’ve had a blast doing the Blue Collar Comedy Tour for three years,” notes Bill, whose latest album is Cheap Drunk: An Autobiography. “We truly like each other and we have a lot of fun doing stuff when we’re offstage. That genuine bond comes through in the concerts and now the movie.”

Bill pauses, then grins. “So does the fact that we’re all certifiably nuts.”

Larry The Cable Guy agrees. “We are definitely crazy, but you will be entertained beyond your wildest dreams by this very well done movie,” he assures, with the proper amount of fake humility edging his voice. “The comedy sketches between our stand-up routines add a lot to the film. And then there’s about seven minutes of outtakes that’ll make your eyes water from laughing so hard. At least, mine were watering!”

The end of the movie also includes snippets from a music video featuring Chris Cagle, Jeff, Ron and Larry rockin’ out on Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Don’t Ask Me No Questions.” Jeff chuckles, “Cagle was so much fun to work with – but ya know, that boy just ain’t right.”

Ron confesses that the tour and now the movie grew into something that exceeded everyone’s expectations. “It’s bigger,” he says with a huge smile, “than we ever dreamed it could be.”

Is this a great country, or what?