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Babies On Board

Stars share their thoughts on traveling with their infant children.

In the June 30 issue of Country Weekly, several stars shared their stories of life on the road with “babies on board.” Josh Turner, along Little Big Town’s Kimberly Schlapman and Phillip Sweet, are among those who bring their small children aboard the tour bus and travel with the family. New dads Luke Bryan and Darryl Worley plan to do the same in a few short months. Here are some more excerpts from “Babies on Board.”

Kimberly and husband Stephen Schlapman are the proud parents of daughter Daisy Pearl. “My husband Stephen and I have got diaper changing down to a science. He is really good with her and such a big help,” Kimberly says. “If the band is doing sound check, we put little earphones on her so the music won’t hurt her ears. She is really good on the road and just smiles all the time. I think she’s going to be real easygoing. She doesn’t get too frustrated unless she’s really hungry.”

Phillip Sweet and wife Rebecca welcomed their baby daughter Penelopi Jane this past December. “I’m getting pretty good at diaper changing,” Phillip reports. “It’s not always easy because she’s quite the little wiggler. My wife says that the baby and I look alike, and that when she stretches and yawns, she stretches the way I do. And she also sleeps like her dad––it’s hard to wake her up!”

Josh Turner and wife Jennifer have a baby son, Hampton, who has been traveling with the couple since he was an infant. Josh says that it’s been a smooth trip so far.

Does Hampton have a lot of toys on the bus? Does he have a favorite stuff animal or video?
Anything with wheels, anything that’s John Deere Green. . . .(laughs) and he loves books. I’m glad of that. I hope he keeps up with that. I don’t know if he has a specific favorite book. But there’s a series of books by a woman named Sandra Boynton that he loves. And we have a big handful of those. So he loves those. Any book with a few words and a lot of pictures and a lot of colors, he likes it.
Is he usually awake when your show’s over? Do you try to tuck him in?
It just depends on how late the show is. If we have a somewhat early show, he’s awake when we come off. But normally our shows are pretty late, so he’s down when we get off the stage. Whoever the nanny is, we’ll have them take him out there and watch the first few songs of the show. So he’ll know, that’s where mommy and daddy are. They’re workin’ right now. They’re playin’ music and it won’t be long before I go to bed.

Check out the rest of this story in the June 30 issue of Country Weekly.