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At one time or another, we've all wanted to ask our favorite Country Stars questions. We've heard your requests and are going to present you with the opportunity to do just that! Starting today, (8/13) a message forum has been created on the message boards that will allow you to ask Chris Cagle anything you've been wanting to ask him. From what inspired you to become a country singer and who do you idolize to what is your favorite color can be asked?


How to ask Chris a question:

If you want to ask Chris a Question, please post it in the Q&A forum with his name. You can get there by clicking (HERE). All questions must be asked by Wednesday (8/22) at which point 15 of the highest rated questions will be sent to him. We will post his answers on the site as a feature as soon as we receive them.

Before you submit your question, please take a look at his website for some questions that he may have already have answered, such as, Are you married? Where did you go to school? When is your birthday? Once you're sure you have something unique, ask away!

Our interview rules will apply. Please keep in mind, since this is new, more rules may be added as we go along.

  1. Be respectful of others' questions, no matter what.
  2. No, crude, rude questions or behavior will be tolerated. They will be removed from the list. If it becomes a regular occurrence the poster will be banned from future star Q&A sessions. This includes multiple postings of the same question by the same poster.
  3. One question per post, please. You may ask more than one question, but please start a new post for each question.
  4. If you see a question you'd like to ask already there, do not ask it again. Put a reply to the original post saying you would like to see that question answered as well.
  5. Ask questions that you have not been able to find anywhere else, but are dying to know. Even if you find his birthday, a question relating to his birthday can still be asked. For example, What was your favorite/ most memorable birthday and why?
  6. If you have any questions about this process you can send a private message to CWOADMIN1 or email her at