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"I feel like one plus one equals three," figures Martina McBride.

No, Martina's math isn't wrong - she just means that herself, plus Alan Jackson, adds up to a very special treat for fans. Between now and the end of May, the two are storming the country on their first major tour together - and if all goes well, they're ready to keep it going even longer!

So far so good - tickets have been selling like hotcakes for what's shaping up to be the blockbuster tour event of the year.

"I think people feel like they're going to see a great show," says Martina. "I think it's a good pairing."

Concertgoers aren't the only ones raring to go - after taking the holidays off, both Alan and Martina are all fired up about hitting the stage again.

"When you step out there on that stage and sing those songs, and people are touched by them and light their lighters, that's when you remember what it's all about: making the music and singing it for the people," offers Alan. "That's what I started out doing, and that's where it's still at. When it's a great crowd and the sound is good and everybody's having a good time, it's still fun for me."

"Being away from being in front of an audience for this long is a little daunting," adds Martina, who hadn't performed live since last October. "But it's always exciting to get in front of people."

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-- Story by Chris Neal