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When Billy Currington's debut single, "Walk a Little Straighter," hit the Top 10 in 2003, this native of tiny Rincon, Ga., suddenly became a star-and a sex symbol. He's since enjoyed more hits, on his own ("I Got a Feelin' ") and with superstar duet partner Shania Twain ("Party for Two"), while his buff bod and Southern charm have set female hearts thumping across the country. So we thought it was time to grill Billy about muscles, music and making time for romance. How many women have asked if you wanted to have a "Party for Two" since the song came out?
Hundreds! I actually haven't had time for a "Party for Two" lately. I'm ready, though! What makes for a relaxing date?
I'd have dinner already cooked, and be keeping it warm. I'd have her come over and we'd have a few drinks. We'd sit on the back porch, if the weather was nice, and just talk and listen to music. Eventually, we'd eat dinner. I wouldn't plan the evening too much-I'd just let things happen. What about an expensive, pull-out-the-stops date?
I'd definitely go pick her up, walk her to the car and open her door, of course. I'd have put some thought into a good place for dinner-what she likes to eat, and the kind of atmosphere that suits her. I'd make reservations ahead of time. If we didn't just go for a walk after dinner, maybe I'd take her to a movie. Then I'd have an idea of where to go for drinks. Finally, I'd walk her to her door and tell her "good night." What do you eat when you want to indulge yourself?
A great big peanut butter and jelly sandwich! What do you do during your days off at home?
I never do anything, but I do relax when I'm home. Usually a day off for me is spent either writing or fishing. How about a day off on the road?
I try to check out the town where I am that day, find a gym to work out at first. Then maybe I'll look for a restaurant and just wander around the city, exploring a little bit. What's your routine when you work out?
I do a lot of cardio, and then I work with free weights. I try to carve out two to three hours for my workouts, but sometimes it's hard to find that much time. What song most made you want to become a songwriter and singer?
Probably "Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain" by Willie Nelson. Who do you trust the most?
My grandma. Who are your heroes, and why?
Anyone who has laid down his life for our country. This nation is full of heroes.