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Scotty McCreery Takes Baseball to the Throat, but He’s OK

Scotty, still pitching for his high school baseball team, gets hit by a one-hopper back to the mound.

It's highly unlikely that the others up for this year's Billboard Music Awards new artist prize will get hit in the throat with a baseball.

But the other nominees don't pitch for their high school baseball teams like 18-year-old country singer Scotty McCreery does.

There were some scary moments Thursday (April 19) when a one-hopper back to the mound hit Scotty right under the chin, North Carolina's News & Observer reports.

But Scotty just got the ball and threw out the batter, and he stayed in the game for the Garner High Trojans, the newspaper reports.

"He took a grounder to the chin, but is OK, " Coach Derik Goffena said. "Scared him more than anything."

We imagine that also scared his manager, his record label, his booking agent, his publicist and his mom, too.

BTW, the Trojans lost, but Scotty pitched well, leaving the game after the first four innings with a 2-1 lead.

Still, Scotty made history: He is believed to be the first-ever American Idol winner to be hit in the throat with a baseball after capturing the title.