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We all have a favorite genre or genres of music—country, Americana, pop, rock, etc. But in a class all its own is holiday music, which blends all of the other formats into one giant cup of ... Read More
Pop, rock, R&B, country—Darius Rucker has put his velvety pipes to work on albums of various genres over the past three decades. With his first Christmas album, Home for the Holidays, ... Read More
If you’re not terribly familiar with Michael W. or his music, this Christmas collection might be a proper starting point.It’s quite obvious that the Christian-based singer/songwriter ... Read More
This one’s worth it for the cover art alone, a can’t-believe-no-one’s-tried-it-yet riff on The Louvin Brothers’ Read More
If you haven’t discovered The Henningsens yet, then now is the perfect time. They have released a collection of Christmas songs that showcases all that is magical about this trio. On Our ... Read More
There’s no doubt that Sara’s rise-to-the-rafters voice puts a nice ribbon on any Christmas package. And complementing her vocals are some nifty arrangements that help set this apart ... Read More
Riding the wave of momentum from their debut single, “Girl in a Country Song,” Maddie & Tae show no signs of wiping out with their new self-titled EP. In addition to “Girl in ... Read More
Lee Ann’s long-awaited new album is also her finest to date. From the song selections to sequencing, production and Lee Ann’s expressive voice, there’s hardly a false note to be ... Read More
Nothing like a first-class ticket on a first-class ride, and that’s pretty much what you’re getting with Lady Antebellum’s new album, 747.  Read More
The first thing that jumps out about Jason’s sixth studio album, Old Boots, New Dirt, which dropped on Oct. 7, is its allegorical handle. In keeping with the “clean slate” theme, ... Read More
Don’t call it a tribute album. Southbound is a collaborative offering of Doobie Brothers hits that features the bros—Patrick Simmons, Tom Johnston and John McFee—reuniting with ... Read More
There are a few current artists in Nashville who can truly make anything sound good just by singing it. Daryle Singletary and Shannon Lawson come to mind. Ray Scott is one of those artists, too, ... Read More
Leave it to this most progressive quartet to keep extending the sonic boundaries and trying to make each new album a bolder step than before. They’ve accomplished both with Pain Killer, a ... Read More
First albums usually suffer from inconsistent material rather than a lack of discernible talent from the artist. That’s pretty much the case with The Swon Brothers’ debut. A couple of ... Read More
If you were a Hal Ketchum fan in his heyday in the early ’90s, then run, don’t walk to get I’m the Troubadour—if for no other reason than to hear him revisit previous hit ... Read More
In this latest effort, Lori, one of the finest and most descriptive writers in any genre, departs from the personal stories that dotted her previous Massachusetts album. Here, she creates ... Read More
Blake Shelton may be one of Nashville’s biggest exports these days as he hangs among the Hollywood elite, but he’s also a die-hard Earl Thomas Conley fan at heart. That duality between ... Read More
A new work from Lucinda is always cause for rejoicing, and here’s double reason to shout out to the heavens: Down Where the Spirit Meets the Bone contains two discs, 10 songs each. ... Read More
The concept album, while still relatively present in rock music, is increasingly rare in country music. Which is odd, considering that Willie Nelson’s Red Headed Stranger is one of the ... Read More
If you aren’t quite ready to surrender summer, you aren’t alone. Florida Georgia Line is fighting the turn of the calendar page with the release of the single ... Read More

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