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This isn’t Kix Brooks’ first rodeo. In 1989, he released his self-titled solo album a couple of years before hooking up with Ronnie Dunn for a nearly 20 year run as country ... Read More
Sometimes change is good and sometimes it’s not. Thankfully, in the case of Little Big Town the former is true.Working with producer Wayne Kirkpatrick, the foursome scored three Top 10 ... Read More
Zac Brown Band’s first two major-label album releases, The Foundation and You Get What You Give, quickly established not only the group’s unique country/Southern ... Read More
There’s a phenomenon in the music industry known as the “sophomore slump.” It’s a belief that an artist’s second project won’t be as good as their debut, mainly ... Read More
Following the maturity of Up on the Ridge and Home, a full album of pop-a-top drinking songs may have felt like a step backward for Dierks Bentley. But thanks to the increasingly popular EP ... Read More
Dustin Lynch’s appearance might lead you to believe that he’s an old-school, country-and-western artist with his cowboy hat and Marlboro man good looks—much like a junior Chris ... Read More
There are about as many definitions for country music as there are artists who sing it. But one thing most people agree on is that country is lyrically driven by rural themes. So, if the driving ... Read More
Since the release of their self-titled debut album in 2009, Gloriana has made some changes, including going from four members to three. The loss of one voice hasn’t hurt them, though. In ... Read More
Starting with the chorus of “Six Ways to Sunday,” the first cut on Blackberry Smoke’s new album, it’s pretty clear you won’t be hearing this talented Southern rock ... Read More
Jerry Douglas’ Dobro-playing style is so refined and his progressive roots-music listener base so faithful that the well-known member of Alison Krauss & Union Station could virtually ... Read More
I’ve never been a cautious man, JT sings on his debut album. With his muscular and versatile voice, he can afford to take a few (musical) risks.Judging by the title, “Sleepy Little ... Read More
Followers of country music understandably claim Johnny Cash as their own, and yet you can’t tie the man to any particular musical hitching post. A rebel and an original, Johnny simply and ... Read More
The furor over Hank Jr.’s comparison of Obama and Hitler late last year was, of course, overblown by the media. And while it got him place-kicked off the television gridiron where he’d ... Read More
This married duo’s first two albums highlighted their homespun sound, traditional country influences and effortless musical chemistry, with the two often trading verses throughout a single song. Read More
The duo’s first album for RCA marks a second chance for members Eric Gunderson and Stephen Barker Liles after losing member Brian Bandas. The lack of a third harmony singer doesn’t ... Read More
The recently released movie The Last Ride, based on Hank Williams’ last day of life, has met with some criticism in regard to its limited view of the lanky star’s looming legend. Its ... Read More
Long before Rodney Crowell published his book of memoirs—2011’s Chinaberry Sidewalks—the songwriter displayed a knack for painting vivid images in such songs as The Oak Ridge ... Read More
With 2010’s Hemingway’s Whiskey, Kenny seemed to transform from his ocean-loving, beach bum incarnation into a moodier and more introspective character. This time around, the superstar ... Read More
Now that the country airwaves are spilling over with aggressive, rock-styled fare, it’s interesting to rewind the clock back to 2001, when Mark Collie recorded an unselfconsciously ... Read More
This trio’s bluegrass-soaked debut single, “Amen,” showcases the seemingly effortless vocal fusion displayed by lead singer Hannah Blaylock, Cherrill Green ... Read More

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