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The kind tendency here might be to give Loretta a pass based on her age (83 as of this writing) and the mere fact that she is, after all, Loretta Lynn. But no one needs to cut her any slack, ... Read More
Robbie Fulks has never been a terribly easy artist to categorize, a notion frustrating to some but, for others, a cause to rejoice. Read More
In 1994, Lorrie Morgan sang, “I Didn’t Know My Own Strength,” but we’re pretty sure she did—and so did everyone else. Lorrie did things her way, and she still does on ... Read More
Brandy Clark has taken a bit of a musical detour with the release of her new single, “Girl Next Door.” The clever hook and witty lyrics are what fans are accustomed to hearing from ... Read More
For a risk-taker like Eric Church, singing about heartache can get plain-old boring, so he’s combined that topic with the resurgent popularity of vinyl records in his new single, ... Read More
It’s Wynonna Judd unleashed! Free from any artistic restraints, Wynonna explores her rock/soul/R&B roots with almost diabolical passion, backed by the Big Noise, an aggregation ... Read More
Like most country artists, Chuck Wicks was brought up on the music of his parents, which was a blend of ’80s pop and ’90s country. Fittingly, the accomplished songwriter found a way to ... Read More
The songs of George and Ira Gershwin defined American popular culture in the 1930s, when a very young Willie Nelson was absorbing his earliest influences. The Library of Congress Gershwin Prize ... Read More
We’re fairly certain that Steven will be claiming to “reinvent himself” with this new record. And indeed, he has.By warbling this abominable ditty about a summertime fling, ... Read More
Of the three Lady Antebellum members, the logical choice for a solo album would be Charles. He has the most distinctive voice of the trio and his gritty vocals often made certain Lady A tunes more ... Read More
It’s always amazing to see a Hall of Fame artist like Vince record something that’s absolutely contemporary without pandering in choice of material or losing his identity.Vince is ... Read More
Chris Young and Cassadee Pope’s “Think of You” is a country duet for modern times, not because of a bold sound or believable vocal blend (both of which it has), but for the ... Read More
Actually, it’s about Hank Jr. at his rowdiest, rocking best. What a far cry from his last outing, 2012’s Old School New Rules, where he sounded tired and often plainly disinterested. ... Read More
In Eric Church’s 2011 tune “Country Music Jesus,” he sings, Some longhaired hippie prophet preaching from the book of Johnny Cash. Read More
Anyone who has ever had his or her heart radically broken may want to listen to Jennifer Nettles’ new single, “Unlove You,” with a tissue in hand. Read More
As a whole, Carrie’s current Storyteller album relies heavily on tales about rebellious, not-so-good girls. The romantic “Heartbeat” represents a warm little break from those ... Read More
Untamed isn’t pop country, and it isn’t a traditional throwback, and it most certainly isn’t hip-hop influenced. If you bought Cam’s debut EP, Welcome to Cam Country, ... Read More
It’s hard to believe that Randy Rogers and his Texas troupe have been around for 15 years, tumbleweeding their way across the Lone Star State—not to mention the rest of the U.S. of A. ... Read More
If you’ve ever met LOCASH’s Chris Lucas and Preston Brust, you know they’re two of the most likeable guys in country music, and that’s almost reason enough to give a ... Read More
If you’ve ever met LOCASH’s Chris Lucas and Preston Brust, you know they’re two of the most likeable guys in country music, and that’s almost reason enough to give a ... Read More

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