Zac Brown Is Eating Only Raw Foods to Get Svelte

“I’ve got four girls at home and all these businesses and building this camp, so I’ve got to be on it.”

Have you seen Zac Brown lately? The guy is svelte, toned, down more than 20 pounds.

His secret weapon? Raw foods. Uncooked veggies, fruits and nuts. Occasionally, Zac eats sushi.

“It’s definitely pushing my food exploration to a whole 'nother thing,” he told Phoenix radio station KNIX.

“I’ve been trying to eat good and feel better," he said. "I've got four girls at home and all these businesses and building this camp [for children], so I’ve got to be on it."

Now, everyone knows Zac loves food and cooking—the guy hosts "Eat & Greets," for goodness sakes—so he may not be eating raw foods forever.

But, he adds, “If I ever go back to a balance of a regular thing, I definitely have some new arsenal to go to now for flavor.”


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