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What We Learned From Reba McEntire’s Interview at the Country Music Hall of Fame

photo by Rick Diamond/Country Music Hall of Fame

In case you missed All Access: Reba McEntire this morning (May 13) because you had to, you know, work, we made sure to check it out on your behalf. The country superstar sat for an intimate interview at the Country Music Hall of Fame and answered questions on a variety of topics from area middle and high school students.

Here’s what we learned:

  1. Had her music career not taken off, Reba would have been enriching young minds.
    “I had my degree in elementary education. I was going to teach second grade.”
  2. In addition to being a barrel racer, Reba enjoyed playing a little roundball.
    “When I got older, I went to basketball camp. I lived and breathed for basketball.”
  3. One time she got sick on a family trip to Nashville.
    “I vomited on the front steps of the Grand Ole Opry. This gentleman, bless his heart, walked up to me and gave me his handkerchief.”
  4. She still gets anxious and nervous from time to time, but has a simple solution:
    “How do I get over the nerves? I take a deep breath and go [exhales]. That’s all I do. Take a deep breath and get out there.”
  5. Don’t try to prank Kix Brooks:
    “You can’t get Kix back. Because he’s going to get you back.”
  6. If music hadn’t captured Reba’s interest, her rodeo career would have been cut short by allergies.
    “I’m totally so allergic to dust and dirt. Being in the rodeo arena, it would just kill me. I couldn’t talk, much less sing.”
  7. New York City is one of her favorite cities in which to perform, because of her first show there.
    “I was really nervous about how they would accept me being a kid from Oklahoma coming in to New York City, especially Carnegie Hall. I walked onto stage and got a standing ovation and I had no idea why.”
  8. Reba has modeled herself on another country legend.
    “I’d say Dolly Parton is my all-time favorite. Her and Loretta run a real close race. But Dolly is my all-time favorite. I’ve watched her, I’ve studied her.”
  9. Reba gets stressed like you and me, with painful consequences.
    “I have had shingles twice. I’ve gotten the shingles vaccination so I won’t get it again because that’s the most painful thing ever. When those things start tingling on my side, I know I’m overstressed.”
  10. She also learned to (sort of) cook in college.
    “My roommate in college taught me how to fry chicken and I burned up three chickens before I learned how to fry it.”


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