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Tyler Farr Says He’s Better Than Ever After Vocal Surgery

The singer was forced to back out of a tour in January.

photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images

Tyler says backing out of his tour with Lee Brice in January was one of the hardest things he’s ever had to do, but admits he had reached a point where he couldn’t go on any longer. Now well on his way to recovering from a vocal cord surgery that left him sidelined all winter, he shares some good news with Nash Country Weekly: things are finally looking up. 

In a sit-down interview during his first day back on the job, Tyler explains that a polyp had developed on his vocal cords (a common but serious injury for singers), making it feel like he was “trying to push a grape through a straw” every time he spoke.

He went to see a doctor after waking up one morning unable to speak at all, and discovered a tiny growth about the size of a pen tip. That may sound small, but vocal cords are only the size of a nickel, and the polyp was blocking his airflow.

“It scared the crap out of me,” he admits.

Surgery was performed and Tyler was forced to remain silent for a week and a half, but his doctors have since told him the procedure was a complete success, and his recovery is actually proceeding ahead of schedule. It’s now easier for the operatically trained singer to talk, and he began singing with guidance from a therapist for the first time on Monday (Feb. 22). It’s going well, to say the least.

“It felt like I was just breathing, singing was so much easier,” he says. “My range increased on my high end five and a half notes from where it was, so not only did it get better, it got extremely better.”

Tyler says he still has about six months before he’s completely healed, but he’s planning to hit the road again with that new-and-improved voice in May.


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