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Tyler Farr Models Career After the Likes of Kenny Chesney, Tim McGraw and Alan Jackson

“Not only did they write songs, but they knew what kind of songs to pick as well,” says Tyler.

Tyler Farr's career as a country music singer is on the fast track. Following the chart-topping success of his gold-selling smash single (and title track to his debut album) “Redneck Crazy,” Tyler is continuing to dream big about what will come next.

As he releases Redneck Crazy's fourth single, “Whiskey in My Water,” Tyler hopes it receives the same amount of response as his previous hit, seeing how he takes pride in releasing music that matters.

“I just listen to a lot of music, and I love songs,” Tyler tells Country Weekly. “I try my best to follow in the footsteps of guys like Kenny Chesney or Tim McGraw or Alan Jackson—all these artists who have had long careers. They were songwriters, but not only did they write songs, but they knew what kind of songs to pick as well.”

Tyler co-wrote his new single with Phillip Larue and Jon Ozier, and it is one of six songs on Redneck Crazy that he had a hand in writing. Looking ahead to the next project, Tyler anticipates writing a slew of songs to pick from as well, but also knows at the end of the day that the best song wins, whether his name is attached to it or not.

“For me to say I’m going to write all the best songs for my album would be very arrogant and untrue to say,” says Tyler. “I went and listened to songs that my buddies write and that I get sent, and I go through and become a fan of certain songs. I’m going to continue to keep doing that. I love music, and that’s my biggest passion. I want to keep doing that and hope it works. I try to not over think too much, and try to keep it genuine and organic. That is what I’ll try to do for the albums in the future. Just go with my instinct and my gut. Hopefully that will send me down the right path.”

This fall, Tyler will be on the road with Florida Georgia Line on their Here’s to the Good Times Tour.


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