Trick Pony Reunites

Trio plans new music and tour.

photo by Pixels by Edie/Graham Artist Mgmnt

Fans have been waiting seven years for some kind of news, and now it’s happening. Heidi Newfield, Ira Dean and Keith Burns—collectively known as Trick Pony—have reunited to record new music and tour in 2014.

The trio, known for hits like “Pour Me” and “On a Night Like This,” initially regrouped at a Boston benefit in 2013, putting aside differences after disbanding in 2006.

“You can’t go forward unless you’ve visited your past a little bit and go, ‘Let’s not do a repeat performance of that,’” says lead singer Heidi, who embarked on a successful solo career after Trick Pony disbanded. “We’ve done that, and we’re all in a really healthy mind space.”

“It’s not like we took a hiatus,” adds bassist Ira, who spent recent years producing bands and writing songs for Montgomery Gentry and Rascal Flatts. “We just played in different bands. We never slowed down on the road.”

Keith Burns teamed up with Michelle Poe to become Burns & Poe, which earned MusicRow's 2010 Independent Artist of the Year title, but is thrilled to be back making music and hitting the road with his Trick Pony mates. “After our first album as Trick Pony, I don’t feel like the music ever lived up to what we did live,” says Keith. “Our new music that we are working on does that very thing. We have no doubt in our minds that we’re going to get up there onstage and blow those people away.”

Trick Pony will release new Ira-produced music later in 2014, as well as launch a new tour. Fans can check out the newly revamped and relaunched website,, for all the latest on the group.


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