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Trace Hosts The Lincoln Lawyer Screening


Trace Adkins hosted an early screening of the upcoming Matthew McConaughey film The Lincoln Lawyer yesterday (March 7) at the Belcourt Theatre in Nashville. The film follows a criminal defense attorney (Matthew) who uses his Lincoln Town Car as an office and becomes the lawyer in a high-profile case of a wealthy Beverly Hills man (Ryan Phillippe) who is accused of rape and murder. Trace portrays the leader of a biker gang in the new flick.

Before introducing the film to the crowd, Trace quipped, “I’m not in this movie very much. I’m in the beginning and the end, and there’s a bunch of crap in the middle that’s not very important,” which drew a round of laughter from the packed house.

Trace said that has wasn’t anxious, despite appearing alongside friend and celebrity Matthew. “He was great to me. He was very gracious and he was very giving,” he told “He tried to help me in this movie and he wanted me to do a good job, so he rehearsed the scenes with me. It was all pretty comfortable.” (However, a few months ago Trace told about one uncomfortable situation during filming.)

It also didn’t hurt that Trace’s role involved riding a motorcycle, something Trace has done for years. “First day on the set, they had an insurance guy that had to follow me around while I was riding the motorcycle,” Trace said. “I was like, ‘C’mon, I can ride a motorcycle,’ but they said, ‘No, we have to see if you can really ride a motorcycle safely,’” said Trace, half rolling his eyes. “Then they finally chilled out.” Trace’s other favorite part of filming was a little more physical. “We got to beat a guy up. They didn’t show it [in the finished film], though. We shot that for like two hours, beating the hell out of this guy, and they didn’t even show it. They kind of suggested that we beat him up, but they didn’t really show it,” said Trace, obviously a bit disappointed. “I enjoy making films, though.”

He also mentioned prior to the screening that he has more film projects he is working on later this year.

While Trace has been gearing up for the release of The Lincoln Lawyer, his buddy John Rich (of Big & Rich) just made his debut on Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice. Trace placed second on the show in 2008 but didn’t get to see John’s premiere. “I was on a plane. I did not get to see it, but my wife went over to John’s house to the party he had. She said everybody had a good time. I really wanted to make it there.” Trace said he did return a favor while John was on the show. “He called me one time and asked if I would give him money for one of his tasks on the show. He had given me [money for a task] the season I was on [Celebrity Apprentice], so he called in his favor and I went and paid him,” Trace said with a laugh. One thing Trace didn’t give John Rich was advice. “You don’t have to give John any advice in a situation like that; he knows what he’s doing.”

The Lincoln Lawyer (see a preview of the movie here) is set for release on March 18.


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