Trace Adkins Opens Up on His “Apprentice” Win

After weeks of filming and thousands of dollars raised and a two-hour season finale televised live from New York City, Trace Adkins was given just mere seconds to state his case as to why he deserved to win NBC’s All-Star Celebrity Apprentice Sunday night (May 19).

“When we went into the last commercial break, we knew we weren’t going to have much time,” Trace told Country Weekly just hours after his big win. “We were running a bit long because there was such an outpouring of love and sympathy following Mr. [Donald] Trump’s presentation to Lil Jon. The stage manager came out and told Penn and I that we would each have about 10 seconds to answer Mr. Trump as to why we thought we should win.”

Trace says he quickly made the decision to go through a chronological monologue of why he was worthy of the win. And when The Donald asked for Trace’s final thoughts, he was ready. “I delivered the best ice cream, made the best commercial, put on the best show, brought out the biggest celebrities and raised the most money,” he said.

And with that, Trace was named the winner, defeating Las Vegas magician Penn Jillette.

More importantly, the win helped Trace raise more than $1.5 million and priceless awareness for his designated charity, the American Red Cross.

“The American Red Cross is a 24-hour, 7-days-a-week, 365-days-a-year organization,” he explained. “They are there, whether it’s an earthquake or a tornado or a fire. At this very moment, there is a Red Cross volunteer selflessly helping someone else.”

How right Trace was. Little did we know that at the moment we concluded our interview, a devastating tornado had just hit the town of Moore, Okla.

To donate to relief efforts, visit the American Red Cross.


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