Trace Adkins Makes “Celebrity Apprentice” Finale

Oh mama—Toby Keith turned down his buddy Trace Adkins on last night's (May 12) Mother's Day episode of Celebrity Apprentice when Trace asked him to appear on the finale show.

But Trace still may owe Toby big-time for getting into the all-star season final two.

You see, Trace had made the final four, and Donald Trump said he would either pick Trace or his rapper teammate Lil Jon to be in the finale.

Why, Trump asked Trace, should Trace prevail?

“I’m gonna go out on that stage and put a boot in somebody’s ass,” Trace explained.

“That’s a very good answer,” Trump replied.

And so Trace made the finals versus Las Vegas magician Penn Jillette, he of Penn & Teller fame. The two were told to come up with a new ice cream flavor for a drug-store chain and a video and big VIP party to promote it.

And that drew this little dig from Trace about his husky competitor: “I thought, ‘Penn eats a lot of ice cream; advantage, Penn.’”

So who won? Well, no one yet. It’s a two-part finale that ends with a live episode this Sunday (May 19). Trace made it that far the first time he was on the show, eventually losing to British media personality Piers Morgan.

Trace's hopes rest on his flavor, Maple Macadamia Mashup, and on a commercial featuring wacky dancing from wacky celebrity teammate Gary Busey.

Either way, Trace is a winner: All this extra attention comes as the country singer releases a new album, Love Will . . . , on Tuesday (May 14).


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