Tim McGraw Scolds Fans for Fighting in Front of Little Girl

“It’s country music, man! We’re having fun,” Tim says.

If you go to a Tim McGraw show, you better behave, especially if there are kiddos around. If you don’t, the “Truck Yeah” singer will put an end to it real quick, and he’s not afraid to use the microphone to let you know exactly how he feels.

While kicking off his new headlining Sundown Heaven Town Tour in California last week, Tim kept a watchful eye on a couple of groups of rowdy fans who were exchanging words during his performance of a new song, “Keep On Truckin’.” During an instrumental break, Tim drew attention to one couple in particular, shaking his head and mouthing “Stupid!” repeatedly.

As the music wrapped, Tim took to the microphone. “Let me tell you something . . . if you stupid son of a bitches don’t stop trying to fight . . .” he said as fans cheered him on. “Don’t be an idiot . . . you’ve got a kid right here. Come on! You’re a grown man; don’t be an idiot.

“And that goes for you, too,” he added, pointing to another set of fans. “It’s country music, man! We’re having fun. We all paid good money, and we all work hard, just enjoy yourself. Shake hands, apologize and have a good time.”

To make sure they simmered down, Tim took a seat at the edge of the stage, directly in front of the couple. “I’m going to come sit right over here,” he quipped, as the father in him came out. “Hey, sweetheart . . . how are you?” he asked the little girl caught in the middle of the action. “You want to come sit by me for a second?”

The little girl eagerly made her way to Tim, where she sat by his side during the next song. Tim, you are a class act!


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