Tim McGraw Says Raising a Teen Is Like Being a Gutter Guard

“You just sort of stand there with your arms out and just sort of catch ’em if they start falling,” he says.

photo by Danny Clinch

These artists have a way with words, don’t they?

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have three daughters, ages 11 to 16. What’s Tim’s parenting philosophy for teens? Let ’em make their own mistakes.

“More than anything, I think you sort of act as a gutter guard,” he told ABC News Radio.

Do what?

“You just sort of stand there with your arms out and just sort of catch ’em if they start falling.”


“And every now and then you’ve gotta let them hit the ditch a little bit, you know, so they can learn something.”

Tim said the biggest lesson he has learned as a parent is to take it easy.

“And for me, that’s been the hardest part, is just relax,” he says.

“You know, you feel like you instill in them values that you want ’em to have, and you try to teach ’em the best things that you can teach ’em, and at a certain point, you feel like that you’ve given that to ’em, and you know they’re gonna make good decisions.”


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