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Swift, Taylor (2010-couch)

Taylor Swift’s much-anticipated new album, Speak Now, won’t be out until Monday (Oct. 25), but Taylor is already in the midst of planning the Speak Now Tour, which will commence early next year. (Three dates in England have already been announced for next March.)

“I already have plans in my head as to what the stage looks like, the color tones, different little tricks we’ll do here and there,” she tells Country Weekly. “Even when putting together this album, I see where certain songs will flow into another song on the record and I see so many different ways of portraying these songs onstage.

“There will be some really emotional moments during this tour,” Taylor predicts. “Putting it together is something I really look forward to because it’s like the biggest art project you could possibly put together. It’s like you put together this mosaic of your music and it’s got to work and flow and be surprising and exciting.”

Taylor says she’s still undecided regarding her opening act for the tour. Past openers for Ms. Swift have included Love and Theft as well as Gloriana. “I’m still in the process of looking for an opening act, because it’s a really important thing,” she says. “You’ve got to really fit with that artist, you’ve got to hear their music every night and you’ve got to like them, because if they are nice, that makes the tour a lot easier.

“You want people who are going to want to hang out at the after parties and when you have a bonfire in the middle of the parking lot,” she continues. “You’ve got all the busses pulled around and you have like this dance party. You want the opening acts to come and join in with that and feel like they are a part of this tour and a part of the family. It’s important to have a fit."

For more on Taylor, including how she deals with criticism and rumors about her relationships, check out the Nov. 1 issue of Country Weekly, on newsstands now and read our review of her new album, Speak Now, here on the site.


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