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Taylor Swift, The Civil Wars Release “Safe & Sound” Video

Taylor takes on a melancholy, drab character for the new video.

Taylor Swift and The Civil Wars—both Grammy winners at the 54th Annual Grammy awards on Sunday (Feb. 12)—teamed up to pen and perform the desolate tune "Safe & Sound" (with producer T Bone Burnett) specifically for the upcoming movie The Hunger Games, and recently released the video for the song.

The clip, directed by Philp Andelman and filmed in Watertown, Tenn., features a more melancholy side of Taylor than fans may be used to. Dressed in a loose-fitting white dress, her hair and face noticeably unadorned, Taylor more closely resembles a drab young girl than the typically glamorous and red-lipped country star she is. Throughout the clip, Taylor seems lost and uncertain as she walks barefoot through the woods, eventually stumbling upon a time-worn shack filled with weathered and broken furniture.

"I think it's very brave of her to step slightly away from what she normally does," The Civil Wars' John Paul White tells of Taylor. "There's probably more of a melancholic vibe than she typically pulls off. It makes perfect sense in the trajectory of what she's doing. She's growing and maturing and reaching out. I think the sky's the limits for the types of things that she can do in the future. We were more than happy to maybe darken the world up for her."

"It was so cold," Taylor tells of the troubles she overcame to film the clip. "It was freezing. I was shaking the whole time and trying not to be shaking when the cameras were rolling. It was about 40 degrees in Nashville. It had just rained. I'm wearing this 1920s vintage nightgown that didn't provide much warmth. I didn't get sick. I thought I was going to get sick. That was the upside."

Taylor, Joy and John are all fans of The Hunger Games books, and keen admirers of the books will immediately recognize the circular piece of metal that Taylor carries in one scene as the Mockingjay from the series.

The movie The Hunger Games will be released on March 23. Watch the music video "Safe & Sound" below.


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