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Taylor Says “Sparks Fly” Has Taught Her Songwriting Lessons

Taylor answers fan questions in YouTube video.

Taylor Swift let her fans play reporter during a YouTube event recently, answering questions about songwriting.

Taylor gets her love of writing songs with metaphors from her mother. “My mom talks in metaphor a lot, so I think I grew up understanding metaphor and just kind of loving that, how you can take something you're going through and speak about it in a different way that applies how you're feeling to something completely different but connects it,” she told those watching.

This hardworking musical perfectionist says she puts considerable time into crafting the songs for an album.

“I have felt like to make an album that I'm proud enough of to give to my fans . . . it has to be two to two in a half years of writing. That way, you know you have your best stuff. I’m so tough on myself; I drive myself insane writing records and albums because it’s like I’ll write like 40 to 50 songs and 13 or 14 make it. That’s a lot of paring it down and making sure it's your best stuff. There's been a lot that happened. I never really talk about my personal life, but I write about it.”

Taylor says though she has a special love for newly written songs, her latest single, “Sparks Fly,” has taught her new things.

“There was a song I wrote when I was 16 called ‘Sparks Fly.’ I played it in a few shows—these little bar shows when I was playing to crowds of 40 to 50 people and was psyched about that many people showing up. I played it a few times and it got on the Internet.

“When I was putting together the Speak Now album, fans just kept saying over and over again, ‘We want this to be on the record.’ I went back and revisited it, and I rewrote some things and updated it. When we put it out as a single, it’s been one of the fastest-rising songs we’ve had on the record. It taught me a lesson about the old stuff possibly being good enough to put on new projects.”

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