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Stars of TNT’s “Private Lives of Nashville Wives” Are Proud to Call Music City Home

“[It is] the home of the modern-day renaissance man or woman,” said Ana Fernandez.

In recent years, Nashville has become one of the most talked-about cities in the country, so perhaps it was inevitable that a ton of media attention would follow: a primetime scripted drama, a country star on a popular singing competition and even myriad reality shows.

The latest of the bunch is TNT’s Private Lives of Nashville Wives, which focuses on the stories of several women who are part of, or married into, the entertainment business. The cast includes actress/mom Erika Page White (wife of '90s hitmaker Bryan White), model Cassie Chapman (wife of contemporary Christian star Gary Chapman), singer/songwriter Sarah Davidson (wife of songwriter Dallas Davidson), businesswoman Jenny Terrell (wife of event planner J.T. Terrell), Cuban-American fashion designer Betty Malo (married to The Mavericks’ leader Raul Malo) and her twin sister, Ana Fernandez.

The series tracks their individual home lives in Nashville, as well as the time they spend together and any drama that ensues. All the women feel particularly proud to live in Nashville, a city they call “magical.”

“I have a love affair with this city,” said Sarah. “Literally the first couple days I lived here I was like, there's no possible way i'm ever living anywhere else, ever. There’s something so magical and special about Nashville as a community.”

“People in Nashville are so proud of our city,” offered Jenny. “Everybody is proud to put it out there. I find it very welcoming because I’ve lived in a lot of places that aren’t like that, and when I landed here I immediately knew it was home.”

Nashville’s creative culture is also integral to its appeal, they pointed out. “[It is] the home of the modern-day renaissance man or woman,” said Ana. “You can be a doctor by day and a writer by night.” Sister Betty agreed, saying, “Not only is it a melting pot of so many different walks of life, it’s not just music. It’s so many different things," she said. "There’s a creative energy here. There’s something to Nashville that feeds the soul.”

Read more with the Private Lives stars in the Feb. 24 issue of Country Weekly, on stands now, and catch the show when it airs Feb. 24 at 9 p.m. CT on TNT.

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